Black on white crime…

Ezekiel 5:17
Moreover, I will send on you famine and wild beasts, and they will bereave you of children; plague and bloodshed also will pass through you, and I will bring the sword on you. I, the LORD, have spoken…

It’s no secret, just never reported…   (source links)

Date City # of Participants Description/Damage Source 1
Source 2
8/7/11  Little Rock  7-10  Man attacked until unconscious, robbed of cell phone and wallet  
8/6/11 Chicago “Group”
Teens attack person on the ground
8/5/11  Richmond, VA
Unknown Fighting, 5 arrests at First Fridays event
8/4/11 Milwaukee
Dozens to Hundreds
Mayhem and multiple assaults at Wisconsin State Fair
8/3/11 Madison, WI 4 Two incidents – Teen gang-bangers attack and rob victims, strategy is called “point ’em out, knock ’em out”
8/2/11 Toronto, ON 12 Woman assaulted and robbed
7/31/11 Philadelphia
4-5 Bicyclist attacked, skull fractured in three places
7/31/11  Pittsburgh  ~100  Teens causing mayhem and fighting swarm McDonalds, Trader Joe’s, and a Target store   
7/29/11  Philadelphia  30-40  Teens assault and rob pedestrians, damage property
7/29/11 Philadelphia 7 Teens attack innocent pedestrian in Society Hill
7/28/11 Oklahoma City 7 Teens assault elderly couple during home invasion robbery
7/28/11 Denver 4-10 Third baseball bat attack/robbery in Capitol Hill area. See 7/16 and 6/26 for others
7/26/11  Winfield, NJ  150  Fighting and arrests at firefighters carnival   
7/25/11 Washington DC
Victoria’s Secret store in Georgetown looted midday
7/23/11 Greensboro, NC Hundreds Man assaulted in park, former mayor’s business vandalized  
7/23/11 Ottawa, ON 35-40 Convenience store ransacked, $800 in merchandise taken  
7/21/11 Los Angeles 5 Smash and grab robbery at jewelry store by gangbangers  
7/17/11 NYC 5 Assailants assault and rob subway passenger  
7/16/11 Denver 4-5 Baseball-bat wielding thugs hit couple in the head, rob purse (same M.O. as Denver 6/26 attack)  
7/15/11 St. Louis 5 Smash and grab robbery at RadioShack  
7/8/11  Redford, MI  15-20  Convenience store ransacked   
7/7/11 Minneapolis Unknown Mother and daughters assaulted
7/5/11 Atlantic City 100 15 men fighting, 2 shot
7/4/11 Shaker Heights, OH 500-1000 Teens converge on fireworks, cause disturbance, broken jaw
Milwaukee 15-20 Gas station convenience store ransacked, employee assaulted
7/3/11 Milwaukee Unknown Armed robberies in Kilbourn Reservoir Park
7/3/11 Chicago ~10 Assault with stabbing
7/3/11 Bayonne, NJ 13-20 Young man brutally assaulted
7/?/11 Dallas Dozens Convenience store ransacked
6/28/11 Atlanta 30-35 $15k in high end merchandise stolen from Sole boutique
6/28/11 Fairfield, CA 5 Convenience store robbed, owner assaulted and killed
6/27/11 San Francisco 4 Teens rob one man of camera, iPod, and bicycle. Twenty minutes later, same teens stab another man and steal his backpack
6/26/11 Denver 4-5 Couple assaulted with baseball bat, purse stolen
6/26/11 Cleveland 75-100 Fighting at Coventry Street Arts Festival
6/26/11 Jackson, MS “Group” Teens run over 49 year old man with truck, killing him
6/25/11 Washington DC Dozens Fighting after Caribbean Carnival
6/25/11 Philadelphia 30-40 Several assaulted
6/24/11 Peoria 50-70 Mayhem in residential neighborhood
6/23/11 Upper Darby, PA 35-50 Sears store ransacked
6/23/11 St. Louis 5 Teens assault and rob man near MetroLink station
6/21/11 Chicago 50 Walgreens store ransacked
6/20/11 Columbia, SC 8 18 year old brutally assaulted
6/18/11 Northern VA 5 Two incidents of robbery + assaults
6/15/11 Kansas City 25-30 Mayhem in residential neighborhood
6/15/11 Solon, OH 5 Teens threaten and chase victim after he declines to give them a cigar
6/15/11 Vancouver, BC Thousands 140 injured and $5M CAD in property damage after Stanley Cup game
6/7/11 Chicago 15 Mob stormed CTA buses, stole electronic devices – Two separate attacks
6/6/11 Bessemer, AL Dozens Fighting at amusement park
6/4/11 Chicago 15-20 Harassing, refusing to let pedestrians go past on sidewalk
6/4/11 Chicago 15-20 68 year old man robbed while sitting on bench
6/4/11 Chicago 15-20 Man robbed of his iPod on bicycle path, then a bicyclist assaulted and robbed of wallet, bike, and iPhone
6/4/11 Chicago 15-20 Man assaulted while sitting on his scooter
5/31/11 NYC Hundreds Fighting
5/30/11 Chicago Unknown Fighting, harassing
5/30/11 Nashville Hundreds Crowd causing mayhem shuts down water park
5/30/11 Boston  <1000 Fighting
5/22/11 NYC 15-20 Dunkin Donuts store ransacked
5/1/11 Las Vegas 35 Convenience store ransacked
4/29/11 Washington DC 20-30 Clothing store robbery
4/19/11 Harrisburg 8 Bicyclist assaulted
4/17/11 Atlanta 20-30 Delta employees assaulted on MARTA train
4/16/11 St. Louis 4 72 year old man walking with wife is beaten to death by teens playing the “knockout game” which targets innocent victims
4/16/11 Los Angeles Hundreds One man shot on the Venice Beach boardwalk
4/10/11 Chicago 70 Mayhem at McDonalds
4/9/11 Rock Hill, SC 8 Group attacks gay man outside of convenience store
4/?/11 Chicago 100 Bicyclists assaulted
4/?/11 Washington DC 20-25 Clothing store robbery at Georgetown Tee’s
3/4/11 Redwood City, CA 9-15 47 year old man attacked at Caltrain station
2/28/11 Irvington, NJ 5 High school students attack math teacher
2/23/11 St. Paul 30-50 Convenience store ransacked
2/20/11 Sacramento 6-8 Local news reporter and photographer assaulted
2/13/11 South Orange, NJ 500 Mayhem in suburb
1/26/11 Memphis ~10 Photojournalist assaulted, camera damaged
1/21/11 Richmond 6-7 Two men attacked and robbed in Shockoe Bottom
1/21/11 NYC 5 Teenage girls attack Wendy’s cashier after she asks them to behave or leave (they were fighting and throwing food)
1/2/11 Milwaukee Dozens Mayhem at Mayfair Mall
1/2/11 Washington DC unknown Man attacked at L’enfant Plaza Metro station platform
1/?/11 Chicago 11 The North Face, Filene’s Basement, Express, and AX Armani Exchange store robberies
12/25/10 Bradenton, FL Dozens Marine and wife assaulted at theater
12/3/10 Birmingham 6 Convenience store ransacked, store owners assaulted
11/19/10 Seattle 5 Teenage girls attack pregnant girl on bus
11/17/10 Madison, WI 4 Teens chase, assault, and rob teenager
10/23/10 Buffalo 5 Teens beat and robbed five University of Buffalo students
10/9/10 Harrisburg > Dozen Husband, wife, and two friends assaulted near Restaurant Row
10/?/10 St. Paul 20 BP convenience store ransacked, store clerk assaulted (See video at 1:18 mark)
9/24/10 Monroe, OH 5 Teen girls shoplift over $1,600 in merchandise from mall
9/23/10 Champaign, IL 4 Man assaulted
8/21/10 Des Moines 30-40 Assaults at Iowa State Fairgrounds
7/12/10 Silver Spring, MD ~15 Teens accost and assault innocent pedestrians
6/17/10 Cleveland Dozens Fighting at Coventry Street Arts Festival
6/14/10 Pittsburgh 8 26 year old bicyclist attacked and robbed of backpack
5/22/10 Clairton, PA 100-200 Fighting/rioting after high school after-prom party
5/8/10 New Orleans 6 Two men assaulted and robbed near French Quarter
4/24/10 Chattanooga 250 Five people shot, no fatalities
4/10/10 Kansas City 700-900 Assaults on the Country Club Plaza
4/4/10 NYC >100 Four people shot in Times Square
3/2?/10 Cleveland 6-7 Teens pull 73 year old man from car, viciously assault man and passenger
3/20/10 Philadelphia <1000 Assaults
3/5/10 St. Louis 9 Two unprovoked attacks by teens, including one on an 82 year old man
3/3/10 Philadelphia 50-100 Fighting
2/16/10 Philadelphia 150 Macy’s store vandalized
2/13/10 Cleveland Heights, OH 100+ Juveniles causing mayhem inside Walmart and movie theater, 6 girls arrested,1 police officer sent to hospital
1/17/10 Atlanta 9 Three cars stolen, then $50k in jeans stolen during smash-and-grab from Focus Clothing in downtown Atlanta, then another smash and grab at convenience store
1/10/10 Atlanta 4 Smash-and-grab robbery at liquor store
12/18/09 Philadelphia 70-100 Assaults
12/3/09 Philadelphia 70 30 Asian students assaulted by fellow black students
9/24/09 Chicago Dozens 16 year old beaten to death with wooden plank
8/1/09 Stockton, CA 20-25 Convenience store ransacked
7/4/09 Akron <50 Family assaulted after watching fireworks
7/09 – 11/09 Denver 32 (collectively) 26 times over 5 month period, member of two gangs assaulted and robbed innocent pedestrians
7/?/09 Stockton, CA 20-25 Convenience store ransacked
6/6/09 Columbia, MO 7 Man brutally attacked in parking garage
5/30/09 Philadelphia >100 One male severely beaten, cars damaged (taxi stolen), convenience store ransacked, other individuals assaulted
5/20/09 Atlanta 4 For third time in a month, optical store is victimized by smash-and-grab robbery; this time $50K in designer eyeglass frames are stolen
5/13/09 Washington DC 9 Clothing store robbery
2/12/09 Kalamazoo, MI 40-50 Bicyclist hit in the head with bottle, attacked and punched
1/21/09 Mission Viejo, CA 4 Two pedestrians attacked with baseball bats and robbed by cruising teenagers
10/26/08 NYC 5 Teens beat and rob subway passenger for iPod and mobile phone
10/25/08 Seattle 5 Five teens beat beloved Tuba Man to death
7/26/08 St. Louis >20 Family of five returning home from airport attacked near MetroLink parking lot
6/10/08 Unknown ~100 Convenience store ransacked
6/1/08 Mt Clemens, MI 12-20 Group beats man unconscious, assaults another – Later, group robs and assaults man at gas station
4/14/08 Maywood, IL 5 Chicago women rob clothing store, crash car
4/?/08 Polk County, FL 8 Teenagers beat up student to post video on MySpace and YouTube
3/26/08 Philadelphia 5 Five teenagers beat innocent SEPTA passenger, trigger asthma attack which kills him
11/23/07 Tucson 100 Convenience store ransacked
6/19/07 Milwaukee Hundreds Juneteenth Celebration mayhem – Innocent man dragged out of car and beaten, fighting
4/1/06 NYC 4 Teenagers attempt to rob college student, chase him into street where he is hit by a car and killed
3/30/05 Columbus 30 Four girls assaulted and verbally accosted
9/29/02 Milwaukee 16 Man beaten to death after confronting youngsters who threw an egg at him
4/20/02 Santa Clara, CA Dozens Fighting, convenience store ransacked
Unknown Miami Beach 15 Retail store ransacked
Unknown Unknown >50 Convenience store ransacked
Unknown Unknown 10 Retail store ransacked