Teaching evolution promotes violence…

(warning… bad language and ni__er violence)

FAU Student Snaps On Teacher!

By: xiam    21 March 2012



A Florida Atlantic University student was caught on video threatening to kill her professor and several classmates.

The incident was captured by several students in class on their iphones and already the video has gone viral. The outburst so violent, the student had to be removed from class by two FAU employees.

The violent outburst occurred in the middle of an evolution class at FAU in Boca Raton. An outburst students say starts while Professor Steven Kajiura is reviewing for a midterm.

“They were talking about natural selection. They were talking about peacocks and how females choose their mates by their most feathers and the woman started asking about how that killed all black people,” said one FAU student.

Students say that’s when the girl snaps, ranting and threatening to kill Professor Kaijura and several of her classmates.

“You better shut up before I kill you,” the student yelled to her professor on the video.

“It just seemed like it came out of nowhere.”

Several students whip out their iphones to capture the outburst on video. As the situation escalates, others leave the classroom to call police.

Seconds later, the girl walks past a row of students screaming and yelling, then smacks a a male student in the head.

Shortly after, two FAU employees walk into class to try to restrain the student, but as seen in the video, she goes after them as well.

Right now, the student’s name is not being released. She was taken to a local hospital and Baker Acted. According to FAU they are doing everything they can to make sure students have a safe environment.

Ezekiel 5:17
‘Moreover, I will send on you famine and wild beasts, and they will bereave you of children; plague and bloodshed also will pass through you, and I will bring the sword on you. I, the LORD, have spoken.'”


Psalm 74:19
Don’t let these wild beasts destroy your turtledoves. Don’t forget your suffering people forever…