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Two Ex-Cons Killed by Two Marines During Botched Home Invasion

Score one (two) for the good guys… of course the families of the criminals are crying foul.

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By: gorgonzatropolis    19 April 2012

Jacksonville police and Naval investigators continued Monday their probe of a weekend shooting in which two Camp Lejeune Marines killed two local men who had broken into the Marines’ home.

Maurice Skinner, 33, of Banks Street, and Diego M. Everette, 33, of Graytown Road, have been identified by authorities as the decedents in a botched burglary at 107 Country Club Drive.

Police are looking for people with connections to the fatal incident. Stopping short of calling those people suspects, JPD Chief Mike Yaniero said his detectives were “looking for people to interview.”

Three adult residents of 107 Country Club returned home at 2 a.m. Sunday, interrupting a burglary attempt by Skinner and Everette who attacked them, Yaniero said Monday during a press conference.

During the fight Skinner and Everette were killed, and later pronounced dead at the scene, police said.

Family and friends of Skinner and Everette said they don’t buy the police explanation of events.

“I want to know what really happened,” Skinner’s mother, Sherry Lynn Skinner, told The Daily News on Monday while being consoled at her Banks Street home by family, friends and neighbors.

Skinner’s family and friends said they believed Skinner and Everett knew the men who killed them and that there was much more to the story than a simple breaking and entering gone bad. Those friends said they knew Skinner and Everett where not angels, but also felt they didn’t deserve to die.

Skinner served nearly two years in prison, being released in November 2009, on a conviction of assault inflicting serious bodily injury. Everette has spent more than a total of three years in prison, last being released in May of 2009, on convictions of larceny, forgery, resisting police, hit and run, and driving while impaired, according to the N.C. Department of Correction.

“This was not a typical home invasion” since the residents interrupted their attackers instead of the assailants barging into an occupied home, Yaniero said, adding that the investigation had not shown whether those involved knew each other prior to their deadly altercation.

While the investigation in still in its early stages, the three residents involved are not likely to face criminal charges, authorities said.

The residents have not been officially identified by authorities. They were transported to Onslow Memorial Hospital, treated and released. One resident, a male, had visible injures to one of his arms, which were from a shotgun blast, according to neighbors who also said one of the residents was hit in the head.

Telecommunications traffic during police response to the incident indicated that there were four to five assailants in the house.

Yaniero said he couldn’t confirm or deny whether additional perpetrators were in the home; but said police would step up patrols in the area, asked anyone who notices anything out of the ordinary to call police and, through Crime Stoppers, issued notice of an award for information in the case.

The Naval Criminal Investigative Service is assisting JPD.with the case because the residents involved are Marines, said Joe Kennedy, the special agent in charge of the NCIS Carolinas Field Office.

Kennedy said the Marines would be eventually identified.

Yaniero said guns were taken from the home as part of the investigation, but would not specify to whom the guns belonged.

The shooting marked the second time in a week an occupant has killed an alleged intruder in Onslow County.

David Darling, 22, was killed April 8. Detectives said Darling was shot by an occupant at 111 Fieldcrest Drive while supposedly climbing through a broken bedroom window. Darling lived at 113 Fieldcrest. The shooter in that case, also a Marine, has not been identified by authorities.

District Attorney Ernie Lee said his office considers each case individually, but the Castle Doctrine was being reviewed in connection to both cases.

The state’s law, updated Dec. 1, basically says a person can use deadly force to protect their home, vehicle or workplace.

“Your home is essentially your castle,” Lee said. “And you have no duty to retreat from your castle.”

Lee said he was confident both JPD.and the Sheriff’s Office will conduct thorough investigations in their respective cases.

Yaniero would not say whether he personally believed the residents did the right thing. He said as a police chief, it’s his job to enforce standing laws, not become bogged down in debate over legislation issues.

Neighbors have rallied behind the residents, saying they would have done the same thing.

Marc Brownlee, a former Marine who lives on Country Club Drive, told The Daily News that the quiet community is made up of mostly of former, retired or active duty Marines.

“This is the wrong neighborhood to try anything like that,” he said of the alleged burglars.

Yaniero said he believed the neighborhood and Jacksonville as a whole to be a relatively safe community. He said in the past decade crime has dropped by 19 percent, with much credit going to a vigilant citizenry who prevent or help solve crimes by reporting suspicious activity.

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