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Tor Researchers’ Tool Aims To Map Out Internet Censorship

Posted by Unknown Lamer on Tuesday May 01, @12:03AM

from the developers-mysteriously-disappear-during-senate-csipa-vote dept.

Sparrowvsrevolution writes…

“Tor developers Arturo Filasto and Jacob Appelbaum have released OONI-probe, an open-source software tool designed to be installed on any PC and run to collect data about local meddling with the computer’s network connections, whether it be website blocking, surveillance or selective bandwidth slowdowns. Unlike other censorship tracking projects like HerdictWeb or the Open Net Initiative, OONI will allow anyone to run the testing application and share their results publicly. The tool has already been used to expose censorship by T-Mobile of its prepaid phones’ browser and also by the Palestinian Authority, which was found to be blocking opposition websites. The minister responsible for the Palestinian censorship was forced to resign last week.”

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satan and his children do not want the truth to become known…

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