It appears that most doctors won’t work if they are not paid…

Go figure…

Psalm 108:12 (KJV)
Give us help from trouble: for vain is the help of man…

Letter: Doctors against Obamacare

By Byron Maduska    Leavenworth Times
Posted Jun 21, 2012 @ 05:55 AM

To the editor:
A new survey of Doctors has been released. The results are bleak.

If Obamacare is fully implemented, 83 percent will consider leaving the practice of medicine. Sixty-one percent say it’s an affront to their ethics. Eighty-five percent say it destroys the doctor-patient relationship. Sixty-five percent say governmental involvement is the cause of the problems in medical care now. Seventy-two percent say the insurance mandate won’t result in improved access to medical care. Seventy-four percent say they’ll stop accepting Medicare patients, or leave Medicare altogether. Seventy percent say reducing governmental involvement would be the single best fix for healthcare in this country. The negatives of Obamacare went on and on in the results of the survey.

Repeal of Obamacare is imperative for the protection of our medical care in this country. When the people most vital to our healthcare are considering leaving the profession something is terribly broken.

There is other horrible news about Obamacare as well. A new GAO audit of the costs of Obamacare says the IRS alone will spend $881 million in just the first four years to implement its provisions in Obamycare – that’s $881 million we don’t have. And a recent CBO report put the expected costs of Obamacare itself at twice what we had been previously told to expect.

It’s apparent Obamacare won’t resolve anything, and is itself a huge problem. We’re already projected to fall far short of the MDs needed in future years, and this atrocity will run huge numbers out of the profession. And the costs of it are ridiculously high.

Survey after survey show the American people want this atrocity repealed. Yet Democrats, the people who rammed this unconstitutional mandate down our throats, won’t lift a finger to stop it. In fact, they won’t even discuss Obamacare – out of fear. And their media minions have removed it from public view lest it ruin Democrats in the fall elections.

But make no mistake, it’s still out there, and is still a malignant threat to our healthcare system, and our national finances. Socialized medicine is a horrible idea.

That’s been proven over and over. Yet the Democrats say we must knuckle under to it and all its hideous ramifications. We must show them we won’t – at the ballot box in November.