A CEO speaks blasphemy against the God of Nature…

The gist of it… GM foods (genetically modified) are better than what God created in nature… Water is not something that people should have a right to, but a commodity to be monopolized… (like oil???)   —Editor
Malachi 3:13 (ESV)
… “Your words have been hard against me, says the LORD. But you say, ‘HOW HAVE WE SPOKEN AGAINST YOU?’
Jude 1:14-16 (NIV)
… Enoch, the seventh from Adam, prophesied about them: “See, the Lord is coming with thousands upon thousands of his holy ones to judge everyone, and to convict all of them of all the ungodly acts they have committed in their ungodliness, and of all the DEFIANT WORDS UNGODLY SINNERS HAVE SPOKEN AGAINST HIM.” These people are grumblers and faultfinders; they follow their own evil desires; they boast about themselves and flatter others for their own advantage…
II Peter 2:12 (NIV)
… But these people blaspheme in matters they do not understand. They are like unreasoning animals, creatures of instinct, BORN ONLY TO BE CAUGHT AND DESTROYED, and like animals they too will perish…

Nestlé-Konzernchef Peter Brabeck: “Zugang zu Wasser sollte kein öffentliches Recht sein.”
[Former Nestlé CEO Peter Brabeck: “Access to water should not be a public right.”]
Published on Aug 24, 2012 By Nihilistible (youtube channel)

peter brabeck speaking blasphemy

Former Nestlé CEO Says Water Is Food That Should Be Privatized – Not A Human Right


By Carl Jackers    Posted: 04/17/2013

Do you believe water is a basic human right? According to Nestlé CEO water is a foodstuff that should be privatized, not a human right. Nestlé CEO Peter Brabeck says that with the global population rising water is not a public right, but a resource that should be managed by businessmen. Please do share your thoughts.

What follows below is an article from a contributor to this blog…   —Editor

Water Water Water

As the physical affects all of us, so does the spiritual.  We are living in the prophesied times of apostasy now and the physical reflects the same spiritual situation.  As water in the Bible symbolizes Gods Word, we see a shortage of good clean water available to keep us alive as the pure Word of God provides life to those who will drink it.  Water is the one substance which man can not live without; yet it certainly typifies the state of man’s relationship with God.  Although the earth is three-fourths water (same as our bodies), most of the earth’s water is in polluted form; just as most of the Word of God reaches us in polluted form through the additives of man.  In addition to all the above-ground water which is shrinking at an alarming rate and becoming of not much use due to pollution, there is also an estimated two million cubic miles of water underground which is shrinking at the same alarming rate and has been subjected to the same pollution.

The earth (which symbolizes man in the Bible) cannot manufacture or deplete the water which it has available today because the same amount of water is present in and on and around the earth as it was in the days of Adam.  Likewise, man can neither manufacture or exhaust the Word of God (Water) which has always been in existence.

In this age of environmental awareness of the pollution of the water of the earth (man) and laws established for the preservation of the purity of our water, it is indeed strange that there is so little care how much the water of the Word of God is poisoned, corrupted, polluted, befouled, contaminated, and debased.  It is small wonder that many persons of Holy Spirit guidance refuse the contaminated brews concocted by many of the churches of this age presented in lieu of  the pure water (Word of God).

Read the following article about the present water shortage and compare it spiritually with Amos 8:11-14:


11 “The days are coming,”declares the Sovereign Lord,
“when I will send a famine through the land—
not a famine of food or a thirst for water,
but a famine of hearing the words of the Lord.
12 People will stagger from sea to sea
and wander from north to east,
searching for the word of the Lord,
but they will not find it.
13 “In that day “the lovely young women and strong young men
will faint because of thirst.
14 Those who swear by the sin of Samaria
who say, ‘As surely as your god lives, Dan,’
or, ‘As surely as the god of Beersheba lives’
they will fall, never to rise again.”

Micah gives the reason for these troubles: Micah 1:5 (NIV)

5 All this is because of Jacob’s transgression,
because of the sins of the people of Israel.
What is Jacob’s transgression?
Is it not Samaria?
What is Judah’s high place?
Is it not Jerusalem?

Study your Bible to determine the sins of Dan and Beersheba which were located in Samaria as well the sins of Jerusalem.  Compare them today with our churches and see if they are not one and the same.

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