Link between San Francisco crash and Snowden???

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Snowden may be dead or captured (clipped 9 July 2013)

Jim Stone, 7/9/13

I am starting to believe Snowden is dead or captured now. And I think that flight from HK was never supposed to land in the U.S. and got remote hijacked and remote flown to a screwed up landing here. That would explain the FBI briefing everyone, and everyone being told to stay on the plane after it crashed when even for minor non crash events everyone immediately bails out. It would also explain why the airport did not respond to the crash, the military did.

This also would explain why the moment that crash happened all these silly Snowden rats on the aliens and other B.S. stories came out, to bury his credibility now that he cannot speak up.

And if you are among those who think Snowden could not have flown anywhere or gone anywhere without getting shot down and therefore did not fly from China to Russia without being some sort of psy op, you should be aware of the fact that it is not easy to play Spy vs. Spy games in foreign nations, especially those that have nukes. Everything takes planning so you do not get caught messing around, and with Snowden on the move at that time, plots which take weeks to plan and carry out without any chance of getting caught cannot happen. Secrecy is everything, and because Snowden kept moving he became a very hard target.

If Snowden was on that San Francisco crash, that crash happened simply because he boarded a plane that had enough range and fuel to be remote hijacked and flown there. Once he boarded a plane that could make it, there were no plans needed other than to hijack the plane and fly it to the U.S. and the crash was probably remote pilot error.

The FBI interviewing everyone on that plane is very suspicious, they were probably all paid to keep their mouths shut and then placed under additional threat. And the military responding instead of the airport is double whammy stupid obvious something other than a crash was going on there. And consider the fact that any stories about what the passengers came to America for, and what the plane’s real destination was came through a media that is far worse than a bag of lies. If we hear nothing more from Snowden, I am calling it – he was on that plane and America hijacked and crashed it.

Ultimately I cannot tell you Snowden was on that plane. I don’t know that. But I will say one thing – how the crash happened, the fact that the FED immediately confiscated the flight recorders, the fact that the FBI was on scene immediately and interviewed everyone, bleeding or not before they left the airport, the fact that the military responded and the air port did not until over 45 minutes later, the fact that everyone was told to stay on the plane even as it was starting to burn when the rule is you immediately bail out even if the plane lands perfectly safely and there was only a problem report, and other anomalies including how the Snowden UFO stories started after the crash, makes me think Snowden may well have been on that plane and now they are going to try to peg his credibility into the ground because he can no longer speak up to stop it.

I certainly hope he pops up somewhere in Latin America. I am not betting he will.

Preliminary Findings Point to Pilot Error in San Francisco Crash

Federal aviation officials say the plane that crashed at San Francisco International Airport on Saturday was flying too slow to make a landing. Two people were killed and scores were injured when an Asiana Airlines jet from Seoul hit a seal wall and then skidded for hundreds of feet before catching fire. Eight of the wounded are in critical condition. The chair of the National Transportation Safety Board, Deborah Hersman, said the pilot made a failed attempt to abort the landing after coming in at too slow a speed.

Deborah Hersman: “We need to take a closer look on the raw data on the flight data recorder, as well as corroborate that with radar and air traffic information, to make sure that we have a very precise speed. But again, we’re not talking about a few knots here or there; we’re talking about a significant amount of speed below 137.”

Asiana Airlines says it has ruled out mechanical failure and is focusing on the pilot, who reportedly had little experience flying the Boeing 777 involved. Meanwhile, on Sunday 10 people were killed when a floatplane crashed at an airport in Alaska. No survivors were found.

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