Space fence discontinued…

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Confidential False flag phone call transcript


Netenyahoo – Gassing in the name of Arabs failed. What next?

Obama – Yeah, I think all false flags in the name of Arabs will fail now, it’s too worn out.

Netenyahoo – Navy yard shooting did not do too well, . . . Boston, . . . Sandy hook,

Obama – Bengasi . . . . Batman,

Netenyahoo – Can you spare an aircraft carrier?

Obama – What about the U.S.S. liberty? Even attacks on warships is worn out, with all the other times we have used that ploy, people are onto it as well.

Netenyahoo – Hmmmmm . . . . . . . can’t use a plague, too many people won’t go for the vaccines now . . . . . . HMMMMMM . . . . and airplanes just won’t work anymore . . . . .

Obama – Even the Mexicans are onto us, they think WE caused the floods in Acapulco because Peña Nieto stopped cooperating over that NSA thing . . . . . . . and earthquakes? People are suspicious.

Netenyahoo – People really don’t buy the nuclear Iran thing, we have been trying with that one for 20 years . . . . .

Obama – I GOT IT!

Netenyahoo – What?


Netenyahoo – Or an asteroid . . . . . . . Yeah, if they are onto us framing people and using the environment, I think space based threats or Aliens could be the next big thing . . . . . . .
space fence shut down
U.S. Air Force Just Shut Down the Space Fence & Major Fireball Event Upgraded!
Published on Sep 1, 2013 By DAHBOO77 (youtube channel)

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