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Marine birthday celebrated with pageantry, tradition

By HOPE HODGE – DAILY NEWS STAFF    November 09, 2011 4:15 PM

Marine Col. Grover Lewis has been to more Marine Corps birthday ceremonies than he can count in his nearly 30 years in uniform. At 52, he now occasionally finds himself in the ceremonial party — filling the traditional role of “oldest Marine present.”

“I’m like an old M1A1 rifle,” Lewis said with a chuckle Wednesday, at the site of the Camp Lejeune Marine Corps birthday celebration at Liversedge Field. “I’m old and crusty, but I still work.”

Lewis’ duties in the ceremony include taking the first slice of birthday cake — cut, warrior-style, with a sword — and passing it to the youngest Marine present, a symbol of the passage of military wisdom and tradition through the generations.

For this 236th birthday celebration, the script and ceremony are the same as they have been at Marine Corps birthday observances across the globe for decades, but Lewis said he doesn’t tire of the tradition.

“The luster never wears off for me,” he said. “This has been my life’s work: being a Marine.”

For the youngest Marine, 18-year-old Pfc. Alicia Avendano, everything about the occasion is new and exciting.

“I’ve never seen anything like this, ever,” Avendano, who joined the Corps in February, said. “I just want to see everything.”

Avendano will be “youngest Marine” for two more birthday ceremonies this week.

Also new in the ranks were the Marines who took the field in an array of colorful historical uniforms, representing the evolution and development of the Corps since its founding on Nov. 10, 1775.

Event organizer Mark Dayoc said he recruits the pageant participants from Camp Geiger’s School of Infantry East, conveniently using troops who do not yet have commitments to working units, but also allowing the youngest Marines to connect with the Corps’ storied history.

“We work with entry-level Marines who have not yet entered the fleet,” he said.

As troops took the field in regalia representing every conflict era from the American Revolution to the war on terror, an announcer reminded the crowd that local Marines are still very much in the fight: From now until early 2012, about 15,000 Marines and sailors from Camp Lejeune’s II Marine Expeditionary Force will be forward deployed, supporting Operation Enduring Freedom.

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